Your Travelguide of Love

In Love around the World is a travel guide to the most romantic and sensual places of love in the world. In order to maintain the readability of the site, we can present you only one love place from each country selected by us (a hard choice).

We are planning to create the world's first museum of love, where all the places of love will have their space and much more about love.

We will be very happy if you can support us. In our concept it becomes clear that such a love museum is an enrichment for the people in the place, for their guests, for the culture and art, as well as for the investors.
In Germany alone there are more than 6,600 museums, but none for love ... it's about time.

So, now enjoy our travel guide With In Love around the world.

(deutsch: Mit der Liebe um die Welt)

Calendar of Love

We have discovered more than 70 festive days for love in different cultures and epochs and present you one love day per month, because otherwise it would overtax the frame of this free website.

If you like them, please support us in creating the Museum of Love. Thank you very much

"Love is the only thing that grows by wasting it". 
Ricarda Huch

About us

We have been wandering the world for many years on the trail of love.
Here you can see a photo of our great love >>
We have created the world's most romantic city map for lovers, a very special romantic and sensual city tour, some art actions about love and our concept for a true love museum "A poem for love".

You can find more information about the love museum and our love stories on "Köln für Verliebte".

Warmest regards from
Tina and Hans-Georg

from two who went out to learn to love*
*inspired by Clown Shiven