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For example 6th Befana

Today the fairy „Befana" goes around and gives her love blessing to all couples in Italy or to couples who think of her today and listen to Italian music. Please remember that Befana is a temperamental fairy. Your love play today should therefore have the credo:
 „Let us love as if we had died, desired to have loved us, ti amo.“


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For example
14th Valentine's Day

On Valentine's Day, women receive flowers (mostly red roses) or small gifts from men. There are many gift ideas in department stores and on the Internet, even in confectioneries there are heart-shaped pastries. But what is a purchased gift compared to a self-created one? Get inspiration everywhere and then make your own personal Valentine's Day present at home. and if the cutting and hammering doesn't work out so well and a finger comes in between, you are guaranteed to be lovingly cared for when your loved one learns that you have entered the dangerous world of DIY or baking for her. As always, the spirit with which we do a thing counts - not just the result.
Cologneers can also give their wives a sensual and romantic guided tour of Cologne's Old Town as a gift of love (
Japanese women give their husbands chocolate in the shape of a heart. A month later, on March 14th, the men give chocolate hearts to the women. In Italy they are chocolate balls („Baci Perugina").
Secret admirers give today a white carnation and a small reference on itself . . .
Open admirers personally give the woman a bouquet of flowers in the morning. For a woman shall take the worshiper as her husband, whom she shall see first that day.

Attention: In North America, for example, bosses give their secretaries a bouquet of red roses as recognition, not proof of love. A token of love would be red carnations. So, nothing misinterprets in multicultural companies.

The gift of a bouquet of flowers to his beloved developed in England. There it was initially only customary to give oneself „Valentines - cards with four-line love poems" on this day. But on 14. 2. 1667 Samuel Pepys sent his wife a very special love letter, written on light blue paper and with gold ink. She was so enraptured that she sent back a bouquet of flowers to thank him. That's what British society picked up. In the course of the next decades the custom changed. So later love poems and flowers were sent to the woman and from the following years only flowers.

Now for reading together by candlelight, the legend of St. Valentin:
 „The Rose of Harmony“ („La Rosa della Riconcilazione“):


One day when Valentine of Rome heard a young engaged couple arguing at his garden fence, he met him and held a beautiful rose in his hand. He addressed the two young people with a loving gesture, gave them the rose and spoke conciliatory words. The good spirit of Saint Valentine and the Rose had a magical power and ended the quarrel between the two young people. The saint asked them to carefully hold the rose together, not to let the thorns prick them and to pray that their love would last forever.

After some time the two young people returned to him to tell him their happiness and to receive the blessing for a marriage. Valentin trusted, despite imperial prohibition, this couple and their love was described as exceptionally intimate. When the population heard about it, more and more couples came to ask for the special blessing of St. Valentin. Once the citizens gathered in a long procession for St. Valentine to ask for the protection of the future families. More and more couples came to ask for his love blessing. Finally Emperor Claudius II heard about it and sentenced St. Valentin to death. On February 14, 273, he was beheaded and every 14th day of the month was dedicated to intercessions to Saint Valentine, but they were reduced to February 14 of each year, the day on which Saint Valentine celebrated his own „wedding" in Paradise.
The Italian city of Terni (Umbria) is considered the capital of Valentine's Day, because the bones of Saint Valentine are said to lie in the basilica. Many couples go there on pilgrimage, donate a candle and swear eternal loyalty. If you don't want to travel that far, in the Swabian town of Krumbach you should also rest the bones of St. Valentine.


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For example 22nd Lupercalia

Luperkalia is the celebration of natural heat, nature's readiness to mate. That is why people remember their sexuality and attraction and celebrate them. The Roman goddess of love Juno is honoured with Luperkalia. In her honor, flowers will be sacrificed. In South Africa, Luperkalia is celebrated on 15 February.
Place two flowers on your love altar and create a „bed of flowers" for your love goddess and invite her to be your Lupercalia.