Travel-Guide for Lovers

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For example Albania

For example Berat
Berat, city of a thousand windows and museum city, is a UNESCO world heritage site.  

The origin of Berat is a sad love story. In the early Berat lived the brothers Tomorri and Shpiragu. Unfortunately both fell in love with the same beautiful girl and got into a deadly quarrel. As a result, God transformed the two boys into two mountains, which now always stay together.
The girl was so deeply sad that she could not stop crying and from her tears the river "Osum" was born.


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For example Denmark

For example Faxe
In the village square there is a monument to a young heavenly couple. His task is to draw the moon at night. Their task is to pull the sun across the firmament during the day. This means that the celestial couple can only meet two to six times a year. You can pray here with the two of them for your love in sun and moonlight.


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For example Germany

For example Cologne
The world's first „city map for lovers" is available for Cologne! Via „Köln für Verliebte" I offer romantic city tours for couples, hikes for couples and singles, and on „World Poetry Day", 21 March, a „love poetry trail" in John Lennon Park.

I would also like to establish the first true „Love Museum" in Cologne. www.


For example Armenia

For example Jerevan
On the eve of Valentine's Day, the love festival "Trndez" is celebrated especially in Jerevan, the capital of the Republic of Armenia. A custom celebrated at "Trndez" is for the couple to jump over a fire together. This guarantees you an eternal and happy love.


In Jerevan there is a "lover's park" on Baghramyan Avenue.


Bari Galust or welcome to Armenia. Travel Armenia offers you the trips "Armenia for lovers", "The beauty of Armenia" and other offers and tips.


If you travel to Armenia in April, please remember the holiday "Motherhood and Beauty". Because every woman expects a special attention from her husband on April 7th.